Uses of 3D Printer Technologies


The healthcare sector is rapidly changing with advancing 3D printer technologies and increasing material choices. While the workflow of dental laboratories and dentists is facilitated, the cost of production is reduced.

What benefits does 3D printer technology provide in the dental industry?

  • In implant operations, higher positioning results are obtained compared to conventional methods.

  • The hard-to-obtain chunks are made very precisely thanks to 3D printer technology.

  • Production processes are reduced to several hours.

  • Provides low-cost production as well as low cost.

  • The digital workflow process minimizes risk.


  • Architectural projects prepared as sketches and render are ready to present to the customers in a very short time thanks to 3D printer technology. It takes only a few hours for architectural designs to turn into 3D sculptures.

    How do the benefits of scaled designs become available with 3D printers?

    • The production time of the models is shortened.

    • It helps to develop site plans and presentation models in an effective manner.

    • You can use both the original models and your cost by printing the furnishing materials which are indispensable for the models in a short time.

    • The shape in the design phase allows you to see your work in 3D.

    • Raw materials used are more affordable than plexiglass and similar materials.


3D printers equipped with SLA (Stereolithography) technology, with high sensitivity values ​​and surface quality, are the most suitable devices for applications in the jewelery industry.

What are the benefits of 3D printers in the jewelry industry?

  • Casting can be used in mold removal applications.

  • Prototyping is fast.

  • It can produce geometric and complex designs.

  • The individual reduces the production costs of custom designs.

  • It pushes the boundaries of the designer’s imagination and makes the most authentic designs real.


3D printer technology has a positive effect on sculpture, fashion, ceramics, textile art fields as well as in many sectors.With its short production processes, affordable raw material advantages and impeccable detail processing, it has become one of the industry’s indispensable equipment.

What are the benefits of 3D artists to artists?

  • Tough designs are produced to perfection in every detail.

  • 24/7 production without the need for workshops and workshops.

  • It provides more practical and quick solutions instead of laborious traditional methods.

  • Fast and cost-free continuous production to reach the perfect object.

  • From the beginning of design to the end of production, it offers the opportunity to benefit from technology.


The parts produced in 3D printing are finalized with different coating materials or color options. In addition, these parts used in molding applications offer different solutions to the manufacturers.


Because prototypes are the most important stage before the product phase, development can be costly. But thanks to 3D printers, this process is both speedy and cost-effective.

What benefits does 3D printer technology provide in prototype production?

  • Design steps progress rapidly and it becomes easier to approach the final product.

  • Design interventions are done quickly and at reasonable cost.

  • 3D designs can be analyzed with analysis software.