They are machines that convert the drawings made in three dimensions into reality. After you have done your CAD drawing, you can connect the computer to the 3D printer (you can also use ready-made drawing) or transfer the file using usb. The filament layer is the transformation of the object in our drawing by manipulating the layer 3D printing …

After transferring your STL or OBJ file to the 3d printer, your machine will be ready to operate after alignment and heat setting. Each layer will add a layer on it and your product will emerge.

Filament (PLA, ABS) used in FDM technology is the most well known material. There are many other technologies besides this. It is possible to create a product by printing using resin or by printing a syringe full of liquid (chocolate, cement clay) or by combining it with a laser called sintering method …

3D printer is used in every sector; Construction, industry, mechanical engineers, designers, jewelers, food cakes, furniture, clothing and other sectors are also used for hobby purposes. Personal gifts and toys, personal computers and 3D models are increasing in importance in the sector.

You can combine or paste 3D prints into pieces in a lego logic. Or you can use it from 3D printers that have a very large printing table.

You can print without knowing 3D programs. Ready STL files are available free of charge, you can download the files and print with 3d printer.

Sample sites:

Makerbot Thingiverse,




About 3D Master 3D Printers and their products

Craftbot: Hungary

B9Creator: USA

Zmorph: Poland

Be3d: Czech Republic

3DP1000 – 3D Platform: USA

What 3D printer technology does it use?

Craftbot, Be3d, Zmorph, 3DP1000 uses FDM technology. B9 creator uses DLP technology.

It is possible to get two color prints thanks to the double head of the Zmorph 3D Printer among our printers.

The product you want to print depends on the micron and its size. The speed can be adjusted to your wish.

After printing, you do not need a different process, but you can apply polishing and painting depending on your request. (We advise you to check whether the material you are going to process is PLA or ABS  heat sensitive)

Craftbot, B9Creator, Zmorph filaments are used. But thanks to Zmorph’s variable head, chocolate can be printed, laser cut, and cnc router. B9Creator uses resin as a consumable material. There are 3 resins in black, cherry and red. Casting is a suitable material because it is a soft material.

Zmorph: ABS-PLA-Specials

B9Creator: Resin

Craftbot: ABS-PLA-Specials

3DP1000: ABS-PLA-Specials

DeGReen: PLA-Specials

Zmorph: 250 x 235 x 165 mm / 100-300 microns

B9Creator: Cherry resin: 30 microns, Black resin: 30-100 microns, red resin: 50-100 microns

Craftbot: 250 x 200 x 200 mm / 100-300 microns

Degree: 150 x 150 x 150 mm / 100-300 microns

3DP1000: Min 0.07mm

The warranty period of all 3d printers is 1 year.

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We provide support immediately after the technical support and training purchase, and we provide support for any issues we can help out later.

After purchase, you can download the software from our site, in case of any problem you can contact us for support.

We do not provide prototype and modeling services, but we can direct you to what is appropriate from our dealers.

Before buying a 3d printer, you can request a demo from us, test your qualifications, and if you want to see our printers, you can contact us from the contact form and have a look at our printers.